9 Feb 2024

NZ space industry receives boost with opening of the Tāwhaki National Aerospace Centre

From Midday Report, 12:42 pm on 9 February 2024

New Zealand's space industry has received another boost into orbit with the opening of the Tāwhaki National Aerospace Centre at Kaitorete, south of Christchurch, on Friday.

Tāwhaki already hosts domestic and international aerospace companies testing leading-edge technologies.

Late last year Wisk Aero tested world first systems using un-crewed aircraft which integrated with air traffic at Christchurch Airport.

It helps pave the way for pilotless taxi services in future.

Long term, Tāwhaki may even be used for rocket launches, with the government also investigating a space port for space tourism.

Tāwhaki chief executive Linda Falwasser spoke to Ben Strang.