20 Sep 2023

Magnitude quake 6 leaves South Canterbury residents shaken

From Midday Report, 12:12 pm on 20 September 2023

A magnitude six earthquake which struck in Canterbury just before quarter-past-nine Wednesday morning has left some nearby residents feeling a bit shaken.

The quake, which struck 45 kilometres north of Geraldine at a depth of ten kilometres, was located in the Southern Alps, away from populated areas.

It was widely felt in Geraldine, Timaru and Temuka - though there are no reports of serious damage or injury.

Timaru District Council says it's closing a stadium and other facilities for assessment.

Two people who experienced the quake, Janene Adams who's deputy chair of the Geraldine Community Board, and from further north, and the operator of the Mount Somers Holiday Park, Maureen Meanwell, spoke with Charlotte Cook