12 Oct 2022

Climate activists plan to continue disrupting motorists in Wellington

From Midday Report, 12:12 pm on 12 October 2022

Climate activists who caused significant delays during Wellington's morning rush hour today plan to continue their disruptive protests, until the Government responds to their call to restore passenger rail.

Traffic was backed up as far as Tawa - about 15km away - on the southbound lane of the capital's motorway, after six protestors stepped onto the road near the Terrace Tunnel and unfurled a banner around 0730.

They also passed out flyers to the stuck motorists, saying the protesters were "sincerely sorry" for the disruption, but climate change cannot be ignored.

The police removed the protestors and traffic was flowing freely again by 9 o'clock.

It's the third day of protest action by the Restore Passenger Rail campaigners, and its spokesperson Michael Apathy told Michael Cropp the campaigners feel like they have no choice but to take such drastic action.