16 Jul 2021

Kiribati language week - preserving a language

From Midday Report, 12:57 pm on 16 July 2021

It's Kiribati language week -- the second time it's been held in Aotearoa New Zealand. This year's theme is: The home is where we nurture our children towards a healthy, responsible, loving and prosperous future. Or, Maubonian te teei i nanon te mwenga bon karekean te maiuraoi, te ongotaeka ao te tangira. But the country of just over 100,000 people is threatened by rising sea levels. Its 32 coral atolls could be wiped from the map in a century or so from now. Māni Dunlop speaks to Kiribati-born and raised Lily Arahanga, who lives in Aotearoa Te Taetae Ni Kiribati. 

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