16 Jul 2021

Samoa's constitutional crisis goes to the highest court

From Midday Report, 12:41 pm on 16 July 2021

Samoa's constitutional crisis could soon be resolved. The country's highest court, the Court of Appeal, is today holding an urgent hearing on multiple defied rulings to convene parliament. Samoa's election was held on the ninth of April. As it stands, the incumbent HRPP has 17 seats and the newcomer FAST party has 26. But the successful MPs still haven't been sworn in. The Court of Appeal will be interpreting the application of the country's written Constitution. It might also validate the FAST party's ad-hoc swearing in, held in a tent because Parliament's speaker locked them out. But the incumbents have accused the Chief Justice of incompetence, asking for his recusal. Māni Dunlop talks with RNZ Pacific's Dominic Godfrey about what's been happening, and when we might know the Court's verdict.