13 Jul 2021

Indigenous communities suffer as Colorado River deteriorates

From Midday Report, 12:50 pm on 13 July 2021

The flow and quality of the Colorado River is under immense stress, amid drought and intensive water use. From Colorado, the river runs through several states including Utah, Arizona and California. Its mouth is in north Mexico. But it is deteriorating and as a result, indigenous people who live within the river basin are seriously suffering. Water is scarce, and what water there is can be of very poor quality. A home in tribal lands is 19 times more likely than a white household to not have indoor plumbing. Residents of the Navajo Nation, for instance, are 67 times more likely to live without running water than other Americans. There is a water gap in America, and climate change isn't helping either. Worldwatch reporter Max Towle spoke to associate professor at the University of Utah Heather Tanana.