21 Oct 2020

Bar worker reported musicians to police months ago

From Midday Report, 12:10 pm on 21 October 2020

A worker at a Wellington bar reported the musicians at the centre of a raft of sexual assault allegations to the police three months ago, after the assault of a woman in the bathroom.

Dark bar, night club

Photo: 123RF

The police have launched an investigation into the individuals, after allegations of rape, sexual assault, and violence surfaced first on social media a couple of days ago.

A small number of complaints have also been lodged officially with the police, which are now the subject of Operation Emerald.

The man who reported this incident works at a couple of Wellington bars, and says he first encountered the men three months ago, after they displayed predatory behaviour at one of the establishments

He told RNZ's reporter, Eva Corlett the men were given warnings multiple times, but they didn't stop their behaviour and were eventually thrown out.

And just a warning - some of the descriptions in this audio may be disturbing for some people.