2 Sep 2020

Supreme Court sets precedent allowing Ellis appeal to continue

From Midday Report, 12:11 pm on 2 September 2020

The Supreme Court has decided the appeal of child sex offender Peter Ellis should continue, despite his death.

A Supreme Court hearing on whether an appeal for the convicted child sex offender, Peter Ellis, should continue after his death based on tikanga Māori.

Photo: RNZ /Dom Thomas

Mr Ellis died in September last year, just two months after his application to appeal against his remaining 13 convictions was granted by the Supreme Court.

The appeal process usually ends if the appellant dies.

However, citing tikanga, his counsel Natalie Coates told the Supreme Court in June this year that his appeal should continue.

She told Māni Dunlop that although the details of the decision have not been released, it's a significant ruling none-the-less.