16 Oct 2016

Minister prefers KFC perfume to tough questions

From Mediawatch, 9:10 am on 16 October 2016

Back in August RNZ's Insight programme spent two weeks chasing Social Housing Minister Paula Bennett for an interview. Finally, just days before the deadline the minister agreed to a five minute phone interview. The Insight programme had repeatedly been told the minister was simply too busy to front up for a face-to-face interview about homelessness. 

But an Official Information Act request to the Minister's office has revealed just how easy it was for TV3's Friday Story to convince Paula Bennett to give up her Friday evening to talk about the likes of KFC perfume and whether she'd let her kids eat the heart of a freshly shot deer. 

Paula Bennett press sec texts

Text exchange between Minister of Social Housing Paula Bennett's office and TV3's Friday Story programme. Photo: RNZ