4 Oct 2015

Cupwatch: Twitchy pundits and Brit-baiting

From Mediawatch, 9:08 am on 4 October 2015

Mediawatch looks back at week two of the Rugby World Cup: easy games for The All Blacks but still some pundits were squirming; mocking the English.

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This online headline in The Herald this week made it look like the former All Black coach had lost his composure:

Screen shot of headline reading: "Sir Graham Henry uses the C-word"

He said what . . .? Photo: screen shot

For the record, the word was "chokers" and it was aimed at England.

But while The Herald chose its headline carefully, the BBC made this unforced error last week:

Screenshot of BBC mistake

The BBC gets it wrong. Surely the Boks were the stunned ones? Photo: screenshot

The hellraisers of the ACC clearly put more effort into the jokes than the spelling for the debut of their Champagne Rugby vodcast  . . . 

caption misspelling Uruguay as 'Uraguay'

The ACC needs a proofreader . . . Photo: screen shot

 . . . but The Panel also managed a 'gem' of a typo:

Error on The Panel's webpage

The Panel misses out one key letter . . . Photo: screen shot