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Phil O'Brien and Simon Morris present an afternoon of alleged music and dubious entertainment.

Music Details

12.35pm - 1pm

Time: 12.41
Artist: Ali Campbell
Title: Carrie Anne
Composer: Clarke/Nash/Hicks
Album: Great British Songs
Label: Riot Entertainment

Time: 12.45
Artist: The Swon Brothers
Title: Later On
Composer: Hurd/Hyde/Wilson
Album: The Swon Brothers

Time: 12.51
Artist: The Clovers
Title: Love Potion No. 9
Composer: Leiber/Stoller
Album: American Graffiti OST
Label: MCA

Time: 12.55
Aritst: The Shadows
Title: Rhythm and Greens
Composer: Bennett/Welch/Marvin/Rostill
Album: More Hits!
Label: Columbia

Time: 12.59
Artist: Ann Stephens
Title: Chistopher Robin at Buckingham Palace
Composer: Milne/Simson
Album: Vintage Children's Favourites
Label: ASV

1pm - 2pm

Time: 1.09
Artist: Bruce Springsteen
Title: Blinded by the Light
Composer: Springsteen
Album: Greetings from Asbury Park, N.J.
Label: Sony

Time: 1.15
Artist: Zak Starkey
Title: Route 66
Composer: Troupe
Album: Single
Label: Unknown

Time: 1.20
Artist: The Earls of Leicester
Title: Shuckin' the Corn
Composer: Graves/Stacey/Certain
Album: Earls of Leicester
Label: Rounder

Time: 1.23
Artist: Sparks
Title: Equator
Composer: Mael
Album: Kimono My House
Label: Universal

Time: 1.30
Artist: Big Daddy
Title: When You Wish Upon a Star
Composer: Harline/Washington
Album: Unknown
Label: Unknown

Time: 1.36
Artist: Allstar Weekend
Title: Not Your Birthday
Composer: Busbee/Clark/Levi/Melo
Album: All the Way
Label: Hollywood

Time: 1.42
Artist: Keny
Title: Julie Anne
Composer: Martin/Coulter
Album: The Best of Kenny
Label: Repertoire

Time: 1.46
Artist: Percy Sledge
Title: Out Of Left Field
Composer: Penn/Oldham
Album:Kings of R&B
Label: Park South

Time: 1.50
Artist: Annie Ross and Georgie Fame
Title: Drip Drop
Composer: Unknown
Album: In Hoagland
Label: DRG

Time: 1.54
Artist: Beirut
Title: Elephant Gun
Composer: Condon
Album: Lon Gisland
Label: Badabing

2pm - 3pm

Time: 2.04
Artist: Jimmy LaFave
Title: Elvis Loved His Mama
Composer: Chliders/Cooper
Album: Texoma
Label: Southbound

Time: 2.07
Artist: Zach Matari
Title: Up to You
Composer: Matari
Album: Single
Label: Unknown

Time: 2.13
Artist: Joe Perkins
Title: Little Eeefin' Annie
Composer: B.B. Moore
Album: Hey, Look What I Found! Vol. 5
Label: Mavis

Time: 2.16
Artist: Rage Against the Machine
Title: Bulls on Parade
Composer: Wilk/Commerford/Morello/de la Rocha
Album: Evil Empire
Label: Music on Vinyl

Time: 2.21
Artist: Katarina Valente
Title: A Secret Love
Composer: Webster/Fain
Album: Secret Love/Malaguena
Label: Polydor

Time: 2.25
Artist: Zac Brown Band
Title: Chicken Fried
Composer: Brown/Durrette
Album: The Foundation
Label: Roar

Time: 2.31
Artist: The Cardigans
Title: Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
Composer: Black Sabbath
Album: Life
Label: Polydor

Time: 2.37
Artist: Big Country
Title: Eleanor Rigby
Composer: Lennon/McCartney
Album: Eclectic
Label: Track Records

Time: 2.42
Artist: Ann-Margaret
Title: I Just Don't Understand
Composer: Wilkin/Westberry
Album: On the Way Up
Label: RCA Victor

Time: 2.47
Artist: Marina and the Diamonds
Title: Valley of the Dolls
Composer: Diamandis/Kurstin
Album: Electra Heart
Label: Atlantic

Time: 2.52
Artist: George Benson and Take 6
Title: Straighten Up and Fly Right
Composer: Mills/Cole
Album: The Standard
Label: Heads Up Records

Time: 2.56
Artist: One Republic
Title: Love Runs Out
Composer: Kutzle/Fisher/Tedder/Filkins
Album: Native
Label: Polydor

3pm - 4pm

Time: 3.31
Artist: The Neighbourhood
Title: Sweater Weather
Composer: Freedman/Rutherford/Abels
Album: I Love You
Label: Columbia

Time: 3.35
Artist: Jess Conrad
Title: This Pullover
Composer: Conrad
Album: Golden Boy of the 60s
Label: K-Tel

Time: 3.40
Artist: Al Jarreau
Title: Raggedy Ann
Composer: Jarreau
Album: We Got By
Label: Rhino

Time: 3.44
Artist: Keira Knightley
Title: Tell Me if You Wanna Go Home
Composer: Alexander/Lashley
Album: Begin Again OST
Label: 222 Records

Time: 3.48
Artist: Axis of Awesome
Title: Four Chord Song

Time: 3.53
Artist: Isaac Hayes
Title: Walk on By
Composer: Bacharach/David
Album: Hot Buttered Soul
Label: Stax

Time: 3.58
Artist: The Dillards
Title: I've Just Seen a Face
Composer: Lennon/McCartney
Album: Wheatstraw Suite
Label: Exhibit

4pm - 5pm

Time: 4.04
Artist: Brian Setzer
Title: Drink Whiskey and Shut Up
Composer: Setzer
Album: Nitro Burnin' Funny Daddy
Label: Seoul Records

Time: 4.09
Artist: The Shangri-Las
Title: I'm Blue
Composer: Turner
Album: Myrmidons of Melodrama
Label: RPM

Time: 4.14
Artist: Unknown Mortal Orchestra
Title: Multi Love
Composer: Neilson
Album: Multi Love
Label: Jagjaguwar

Time: 4.21
Artist: Muse
Title: Uprising
Composer: Bellamy
Album: The Resistance
Label: Warner Bros.

Time: 4.28
Artist: A Firm Handshake
Title: Clouds
Composer: Sobiech
Album: Fix Me Up
Label: Rock the Cause

Time: 4.31
Artist: Pink Turtle
Title: Hey Jude
Composer: Lennon/McCartney
Album: Back Again
Label: Fremeaux

Time: 4.37
Artist: Lily Allen
Title: Somewhere Only We Know
Composer: Hughes/Chaplin/Rice-Oxley
Album: Now That's What I Call Music Vol. 86
Label: Sony

Time: 4.41
Artist: WPLO Jingle
Title: Atlanta

Time: 4.43
Artist. B.A. Robertson
Title: Bang Bang
Composer: Robertson
Album: Initial Success
Label: Asylum

Time: 4.47
Artist: Arthur Alexander
Title: You Better Move On
Composer: Alexander
Album: You Better Move On
Label: Universal

Time: 4.50
Artist: Marty Robbins
Title: Ruby Ann
Composer: Emerson/Bellamy
Album: Rock 'n' Roll Robbins
Label: Koch

Time: 4.52
Artist: Ozzy Osbourne
Title: No More Tears
Composer: Wylde
Album: No More Tears
Label: Sony