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12.30pm - 1pm

Time: 12.36
Artist: Bobby Goldsboro
Title: Hello Loser
Album: The Best of Bobby Goldsboro
Composer: Unknown
Label: Capitol/EMI

Time: 12.40
Artist: Arcade Fire
Title: Rococo
Album: The Suburbs
Composer: Arcade Fire
Label: Merge

Time: 12.45
Artist: Tiny Tim
Title: I'm Glad I'm a Boy, I'm Glad I'm a Girl
Album: God Bless Tiny Tim
Composer: Norworth/Bayes/Straus/Strage
Label: Rhino

Time: 12.50
Artist: Ry Cooder
Title: The Girls from Texas
Album: Borderline
Composer: Cooder
Label: Warner Bros.

Time: 12.56
Artist: William Fairey Brass Band
Title: Strrings of Life
Album: Acid Brass
Composer: May
Label: Mute

1pm - 2pm

Time: 1.06
Artist: Pink Turtle
Title: Every Breath You Take
Album: Pop in Swing
Composer: Sumner
Label: Frémeaux & Associés

Time: 1.12
Artist: Jarvis Cocker
Title: Don't Let Him Waste Your Time
Album: The Jarvis Cocker Redord
Composer: Cocker
Label: Rough Trade

Time: 1.16
Artist: George Formby
Title: Letting the New Year In

TIme: 1.20
Artist: Alanis Morrisette
Title: You Oughta Know

Time: 1.26
Artist: The Blasters
Title: So Long Baby Goodbye
Album: The Blasters
Composer: Alvin
Label: Rhino/Slash

Time: 1.30
Artist: Mike Sarne
Title: Will I What?
Album: Come Outside With
Composer: Blackwell
Label: RPM

Time: 1.34
Artist: John Prine
Title: We Are the Lonely
Album: Lost Dogs & Mixed Blessings
Composer: Nicholson/Prine
Label: Oh Boy

Time: 1.47
Artist: Elbow
Title: Grounds for Divorce
Album: Grounds for Divorce
Composer: Potter/Garvey/Potter/Turner/Jupp
Label: Polydor

Time: 1.54
Artist: The Crystals
Title: He's Sure The Boy I Love
Album: Best of
Composer: Mann/Weil
Label: Abcko

Time: 1.57
Artist: Bobby Darin
Title: I Ain't Sharin' Sharon
Album: For Teenagers Only
Composer: Pomus/Suman
Label: Atco

2pm - 3pm

Time: 2.06
Artist: Tony Joe White/Waylon Jennings
Title: Shakin' the Blues
Album: Uncovered
Composer: Jennings
Label: Swamp

Time: 2.15
Artist: The Incredible String Band
Title: The Water Song
Album: The Hangmand's Beautiful Daughter
Composer: Williamson
Label: Elektra

Time: 2.18
Artist: Johnnie and Jack
Title: Uncle John's Bongos
Album: Johnnie & Jack and the Tennessee Mountain Boys
Composer: Culpepper/Blake
Label: Bear Family Records

Time: 2.25
Artist: Rupert Holmes
Title: Escape
Album: Greatest Hits
Composer: Holmes
Label: Hip-O

Time: 2.32
Artist: Bulldogs Allstar Goodtime Band
Title: Miss September
Album: Very Best of
Composer: Donoghue
Label: Mardi-Gras

Time: 2.36
Artist: The Butthole Surfers
Title: Whatever (I Had a Dream Last Night)
Album: Romeo + Juliet (OST)
Composer: Surfers/Simpson/Hooper
Label: Capitol/EMI

Time: 2.43
Arist: Joe Jackson
Title: Is She Really Going Out with Him?
Album: Look Sharp!
Composer: Jackson
Label: A&M

Time: 2.49
Atist: The Beatles
Title: Day Tripper
Album: Yesterday
Composer: Lennon/McCartney
Label: Capitol

Time: 2.53
Artist: Laura Nyro
Title: To A Child
Album: Mother's Spiritual
Composer: Nyro
Label: Line

Time: 2.57
Artist: Otis Redding and Carla Thomas
Title: Tramp
Album: The Dock of the Bay
Composer: McCracklin/Fulson
Label: Atlantic

3pm - 4pm

Time: 3.30
Artist: Chow Mein and Bowling
Title: Michael Nesmith
Album: The Newer Stuff
Composer: Martin
Label: Rhino

Time: 3.34
Artist: The Divine Comedy
Title: The Frog Princess
Album: A Secret History
Composer: Hannon
Label: DCR

Time: 3.40
Artist: East Village Opera Company
Title: Nessun Dorma
Album: The East Village Opera Company
Composer: Adami/Puccini/Simoni
Label: Decca

Time: 3.49
Artist: Todd Rundgren
Title: Mighty Love
Album: A Capella
Composer: Hawes/Simmons/Jefferson
Label: Rhino

Time: 3.54
Artist: The Rolling Stones
Title: Stupid Girl
Album: After Math
Composer: Jagger/Richards
Label: Abcko

Time: 3.58
Artist: Barri and the Breakaways
Label: Guitar Boogie
Album: The Very Best of Kiwi Instrumentals
Composer: Unknown
Label: EMI

4pm - 5pm

Time: 4.07
Artist: Aimee Mann
Title: You're With Stupid Now
Album: Ultimate Collection
Composer: Mann
Label: Hip-O

Time: 4.14
Artist: Bonzo Dog Band
Title: My Brother Makes the Noise for the Talkies
Album: The Bonzo Dog Bang
Label: EMI

Time: 4.19
Artist: Shangri-Las
Title: Out in the Streets
Albums: Myrmidons of Melodrama
Composer: Greenwich/Barry
Label: RPM

Time: 4.23
Artist: Mac DeMarco
Title: Ode to Viceroy
Album: 2
Composer: DeMarco
Label: EMI

Time: 4.28
Artist: Demis Roussos
Title: My Only Fascination
Album: Demis Roussos
Label: Podis

Time: 4.33
Artist: Manfred Mann
Title: Do Wah Diddy Diddy
Album: The Singles Album
Composer: Barry/Greenwich
Label: EMI

Time: 4.36
Artist: Screamin' Jay Hawkins
Title: Person to Person
Album: At Home With Screamin' Jay Hawkins
Composer: Singleton/James/Sehorn/McRae
Label: Arcadia Recordings

Time: 4.39
Artist: The Tremeloes
Title: Do You Love Me?
Album: Ultimate Collection
Composer: Cordy
Label: Castle

Time: 4.42
Artist: Booker T and the MGs
Title: Green Onions
Album: Green Onions
Composer: Jones/Cropper
Label: Atlantic

Time: 4.49
Artist: Massive Attack
Title: Live With Me
Album: Massive Attack Collected
Composer: Davidge/del Naja/Callier
Label: EMI

Time: 4.55
Artist: Lyle Lovett
Title: I Married Her Just Because She Looks Like You
Album: Lyle Lovett and His Large Band
Composer: Lovett
Label: Curb

Time: 4.58
Artist: The Pelayos
Title: Hit the Road, Jack
Album: Unknwon
Composer: Mayfield
Label: Unknwon