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Time: 12.37
Artist: Jack Costanzo
Title: Bongo Lesson
Composer: Costanzo
Album: Ultra-Lounge: Tiki Sampler
Label: Capitol/EMI

Time: 12.41
Artist: The Beatles
Title: You're Going to Lose That Girl
Composer: Lennon/McCartney
Album: Help!
Label: Parlophone

Time: 12.45
Artist: Manu Chao
Title: Bongo Bong
Composer: Chao
Album: Clandestino
Label: Because

Time: 12.52
Artist: The Infadels
Title: Reality TV
Composer: N/S
Album: We Are Not The Infadels
Label: Wall of Sound

Time: 12.57
Artist: The Andrews Sisters with Danny Kaye
Title: Civilization (Bongo Bongo Bongo)
Composer: Hilliard/Sigman
Album: The Best of the Andrews Sisters
Label: TGG Direct


Time: 1.10
Artist: Bettye Lavette
Title: It Don't Come Easy
Composer: Harrison and Starkey
Album: Interpretations: The British Rock Songbook
Label: Anti/Epitaph

Time: 1:17
Artist: Puppini Sisters
Title: Soho Nights
Composer: N/S
Album: The Rise And Fall of Ruby Woo
Label: Universal

Time: 1:23
Artist: Stan Freberg
Title: Banana Boat(Day-O)
Composer: Freberg
Album: Stan Freberg Collecters Series
Label: Capitol Records

Time: 1:26
Artist: Victoria Williams
Title: The Puppy Song
Composer: Nilsson

Time: 1.31
Artist: The Rolling Stones
Title: Live With Me
Composer: Jagger/Richards
Album: Let it Bleed
Label: Abcko

Time: 1.36
Artist: Big Daddy
Title: Puple Rain
Composer: Prince
Album: Meanwhile...Back In the States
Label: Rhino

Time: 1.41
Artist: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
Title: Ninja Re Bang Bang
Composer: N/S
Album: Ninja Re Bang Bang
Label: Warner Music

Time: 1.48
Artist: The Incredible Bongo Band
Title: In A Gadda Da Vida
Composer: N/S
Album: A Fantastic Fear of Everything
Label: Strangefolk

Time: 1.52
Artist: Cliff Richard
Title: Love
Composer: N/S
Album: Expresso Bongo
Label: Columbia

Time: 1.54
Artist: Heart
Title: Rock N Roll
Composer: Page/Bonham/Plant/Jones
Album: Heart: Greatest Hits...Live
Label: Epic


Time: 2.07
Artist: Imogen Heap with Jeff Beck
Title: Blanket
Composer: Heap
Album: Performing This Week... Live at Ronnie Scott's
Label: Eagle Vision

Time: 2.14
Artist: The Four Tops
Title: Reach Out, I'll Be There
Composer: Holland/Dozier/Holland
Album: Motown Legends
Label: Motown

Time: 2.18
Artist: Tommy James and the Shondells
Title: Crystal Blue Persuasion
Composer: Gray/James/Vale
Album: Anthology
Label: Rhino

Time: 2.25
Artist: Zappa/Beefheart/Mothers
Title: Poofter's Froth Wyoming Pland Ahead
Composer: Zappa
Album: Bongo Fury
Label: Ryko

Time: 2.29
Arist: Manhattan Transfer
Title: A Nightengale Sang in Berkeley Square
Composer: Maschwitz/Sherwin
Album: The Manhattan Transfer 35th Anniversary Great American Songbook
Label: Time/Life Music

Time: 2.34
Artist: The Yardbirds
Title: For Your Love
Composer: Gouldman
Album: Best of the 60s: The Yardbirds
Label: Disky

Time: 2.37
Artist: Brian Setzer
Title: Drink Whiskey and Shut Up
Composer: Setzer
Album: Nitro Burnin' Funny Daddy
Label: Seoul Records

Time: 2.42
Artist: The Ivy League
Title: My World Fell Down
Composer: Stephens/Carter
Album: Love Will Tear You Apart
Label: Mojo

Time: 2.46
Artist: Vanessa May
Title: Hocus Pocus
Composer: Akkerman/van Leer
Album: Rock Meets Classic
Label: Universal

Time: 2.51
Artist: Gil-Scott Heron
Title: Whitey's On the Moon
Composer: Heron
Album: The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
Label: Bluebird

Time: 2.53
Artist: John Prine
Title: Jesus: The Missing Years
Composer: Prine
Album: The Missing Years
Label: Oh Boy


3:04 Rick Bryant - Return of the Jive Bomber

Rick Bryant has enjoyed a lifetime in music. He could have had a career in academia, but the blues, folks, rock and soul called him. Over the years Rick has contributed to a broad spectrum of local 'roots' music, including spells with Original Sin; Mammal; Blerta; The Jubilation Gospel Choir; the Windy City Strugglers; and of course Rick Bryant and the Jive Bombers, who have just released a new album The Blacksoap from Monkeyburg. Trevor Reekie catches up with Rick Bryant, collaborator Gordon Spittle and producer Ed Cake.

Time: 3.30
Artist: Johnnie and Jack
Title: Uncle John's Bongos
Composer: Blake/Culpepper
Album: Johnnie and Jack and the Tennessee Moutain Boys
Label: Bear Family Records

Time: 3.34
Artist: Django Django
Title: Waveforms
Composer: Django Django
Album: Django Django
Label: Becasue

Time: 3.39
Artist: John Rauhouse
Title: Bongo Ride
Composer: Rauhouse
Album: Steel Guitar Heart Attack

Time: 3.44
Artist: The Beatles
Title: If You've Got Trouble
Composer: Lennon/McCartney
Album: Anthology
Label: Apple

Time: 3.47
Artist: Henry Rollins
Title: Lonesome, On'ry and Mean
Composer: Young
Album: Lonesome, On'ry and Mean
Label: Dualtone Music

Time: 3,50
Artist: Tama Waipara
Title: Golden Bullet
Composer: Waipara
Album: Sir+Plus and the Requirements
Label: Rhythm Method

Time: 3.55
Artist: Styx
Title: Mr Roboto
Composer: DeYoung
Album: Killroy Was Here
Label: A & M

Time: 4.07
Artist: Jethro Tull
Title: Fat Man
Composer: Anderson
Abum: Stand Up
Label: Chrysalis UK

Time: 4.11
Artist: Tina Turner
Title: River Deep, Mountain High
Composer: Spector/Barry/Greenwich
Album: The Collected Recordings Sixties to Nineties
Label: Capitol

Time: 4.16
Artist: Tito Puente and His Latin Jazz Ensemble
Title: Senor Burns

Time: 4.21
Artist: The Silver Jews
Title: Random Rules
Composer: Berman
Album: American Water
Label: Drag City

Time: 4.25
Artist: The Shangri-Las
Title: I Can Never Go Home Anymore
Composer: Morton
Album: Myrmidons of Melodrama
Label: RPM

Time: 4.31
Artist: Slim Gaillard
Title: Bongo City
Composer: Gaillard
Album: Laughing in Rhythm
Label: Proper

Time: 4.35
Artist: The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band
Title: Can Blue Men Sing the Whites?
Composer: Stanshall
Album: The Doughnut in Granny's Greenhouse
Label: Toshiba EMI

Time: 4.39
Artist: Preston Epps
Title: Bongo Bongo Bongo
Composer: Egnoian
Album: The Very Best of Preston Epps
Label: Collectables

Time: 4.41
Artist: Sly and the  Family Stone
Title: Hot Fun in the Summertime
Composer: Stone
Album: The Essential
Label: Epic

Time: 4.45
Artist: Monga Santamaria
Title: Watermelon Man
Composer: Hancock
Album: Watermelon Man
Label: Emporio

Time: 4.48
Artist: World Party
Title: She's the One
Composer: Wallinger
Album: World Party
Label: Seaview

Time: 4.54
Artist: Mary Hopkins
Title: Those Were the Days (Italian)
Composer: Raskin
Album: Post Card
Label: Apple