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3:08 pm The Secret Life of the Musical Saw

The musical saw is a brain teaser - the most homely of domestic tools that, when bowed by the right player, produces the most haunting, 'other worldly' melodies.

In this documentary Karl Steven investigates the world of the musical saw and digs out a couple of bona fide New Zealand saw players.

12pm - 1pm

Artist: Jimmy Barnes
Title: Resurrection Shuffle (Live)

Artist:Ray Charles
Title: Hard Hearted Hannah

Artist: Def Leppard's Roadie
Title: Release Me

Aritst: Monty Python
Title: Finland

Aritst: Ali Campbell
Title: Carie-Anne

Artist: The Temptations
Title: Law Of The Land

Paul Rutherford Interview

Artist: Steve And The Board
Title: I Call My Woman Hinges 'Cause She's Something to Adore

Artist: This Mortal Coil
Title: The Horizon Bleeds and Sucks It’s Thumb

Artist: The Leiber & Stoller Orchestra
Title: Cafe Expresso

1pm - 2pm

Artist: Tommy Emmanuel
Title: Classical Gas

Artist: Julian Smith
Title: I'm Reading A Book

Artist: Axis of Awesome
Title: The Four Chord Song

Artist: Gary Glitter
Title: (Hello Hello) Good To Be Back

Artist: Marillion
Title: Easter

Artist: Jonathan Richman
Title: Fender

Artist: Herman's Hermits
Title: Tallyman

Paul Rutherford interview continued...

Artist: The Agitator
Title: Give Me All That You've Got

Artist: Andy Pratt
Title: Resolution

Artist: Kylie Minogue
Title: Chocolate

2pm - 3pm

Artist: Vintage Trouble
Title: Blues Hand Me Down

Artist: The Beach Boys
Title: The Little Girl I Once Knew

Artist: Lars Ekborg
Title: The Irish Ballad

Artist: The Warratah's
Title: Kupe's Tears

Artist: Dr John
Title: Row Row Your Boat

Artist: XTC
Title: Easter Theatre

Artist: Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood
Title: Sundown, Sundown

Artist: White Snake
Title: Day Tripper

Paul Rutherford interview continued...

Artist: Charlie Rich
Title: Moonshine Minnie

Artist: The Brecker Brothers
Title: Skunk Funk

3pm - 4pm

The Secret Life of the Musical Saw

Artist: The Tams
Title: My Baby Sure Can Shag

Artist: 10CC
Title: The Second Sitting For The Last Supper

Artist: Billy Connolly
Title: My Granny

Paul Rutherford interview continued...

Artist: Andy Pratt
Title: If You Could See Yourself Through My Eyes

Artist: Power Lounge (Geoff Cox)
Title: Chocolate Swamp Monster

4pm - 5pm

Artist: The Tubes
Title: Love Will Keep Us Together

Artist: Dire Straits
Title: Sultan's of Swing (Demo)

Artist: Elbow
Title: The Fix

Artist: Joe Cocker
Title: I'll Cry Instead

Artist: The Beatles
Title: I'll Be Back

Artist: Frankie Goes To Hollywood
Title: Born To Run

Paul Rutherford interview continued...

Artist: Ministry
Title: Jesus Built My Hot Rod

Artist: Rolling Stones
Title: Can't You Hear Me Knocking