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with Phil O'Brien and Simon Morris

Monday to Friday from 12:35 pm

Playlist for Monday, 19 January 2009

12:35pm - 1pm

Track: Dancing in the Street
Artist: The Leningrad Cowboys

Track: Walk on the Wild Side
Artist: Brook Benton

Track: D'yer maker
Artist: Sheryl Crow

Track: Shadow on the Wall
Artist: Mike Oldfield and Roger Chapman

1pm - 2pm

Track: Blame Canada
Artist: South Park

Track: Trans-Canada Highway
Artist: Gene Pitney

Track: Superman Song
Artist: Crash Test Dummies

Track: Canada is Really Big
Artist: The Arrogant Worms

Track: Mr Soul
Artist: Buffalo Springfield

Track: Take Off
Artist: Bob and Doug McKenzie

Track: When She Loved Me
Artist: Sarah McLachlan

Track: Canadian Sunset
Artist: Andy Williams

Track: Chest Fever
Artist: The Band

Track: Wondering Where the Lions Are
Artist: Bruce Cockburn

Track: These Eyes
Artist: The Guess Who

Track: Raised on Robbery
Artist: Joni MItchell

2pm - 3pm

Track: In My Room
Artist: Billy Thorpe

Track: Funny How Love Can Be
Artist:The Ivy League

Track: Nucular
Artist: George W Bush Singers

Track: After You've Gone
Artist: Cow Bop

Track: Oops!...I Did it Again
Artist: Richard Thompson

Track: Bad is Bad
Artist: Dave Edmunds

Track: Red Sector A
Artist: Rush

Track: Freedom for the Stallion
Artist: Elvis Costello and Allen Toussaint

Track: Mama, Keep Your Big Mouth Shut
Artist: THe Pretty Things

Track: Zip a dee doo da
Artist: Bill Bailey

3:00 Classic Concert: Richard and Linda Thompson - In Concert, November 1975

Former husband and wife Richard and Linda Thompson in the prime of their musical partnership, recorded during a UK tour promoting their Sufi influenced album "Pour Down Like Silver" and backed by Dave Pegg on bass, Dave Mattacks on drums and accordionist John Kirkpatrick. The recording highlights the intensity of the vocals, both solo and in harmony, of Richard and Linda as well as Thompson fiery guitar work. Hear why this grouping has been called the best folk rock line-up of all time (Universal)

4pm - 5pm

Track: Rip it Up
Artist: Little Richard

Track: One
Artist: Harry Nilsson

Track: Maybe Tomorrow
Artist: Goldenhorse

Track: Skid Row Joe
Artist: Porter Waggoner

Track: Promises, Promises
Artist: Dionne Warwick

Track: I'll See You in My Dreams
Artist: Joe Brown

Track: Yellow Rainbow
Artist: The Move

Track: Deteriorata
Artist: National Lampoon

Track: I am the Walrus
Artist: Jim Carrey

Track: Fabio

Track: If a Song Could be President
Artist: Over the Rhine

Track: Temple
Artist: Jane Siberry

Track: I Only Wanna be With You
Artist: The Tourists

Track: Louie Louie
Artist: The Beach Boys