26 Aug 2023

Hone Harawira: The legacy of Dun Mihaka.

From Māpuna, 12:10 pm on 26 August 2023

Earlier this week long-time Maori activist and author Te Ringa Mangu 'Dun' Mihaka died. Mihaka devoted decades of his life to Maori rights campaigns, including the 1977-78 Takaparawhau/Bastion Point occupation. In 1979, Mihaka challenged the legal status of te reo Maori, after the District Court had refused to let him speak te reo Maori during proceedings. While he lost the battle, Mihaka's appeal helped push te reo Maori to be recognised as an official language in 1987. Fellow activist Hone Harawira speaks to Mapuna about some of his own recollections of Dun Mihaka.