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Director Tearepa Kahi on his path to new film Muru

Te Arepa Kahi's previous films include Taua, Mt Zion and Poi E. He says some of the inspiration behind his new film Muru, about the police raids on the people of Tuhoe in 2007, was learnt from Maori film making pioneers such as Merata Mita and Don Selwyn. 

Tearepa Kahi

Tearepa Kahi Photo: Supplied

Children's Author Tim Tipene on his books and the struggle for acceptance

Tim Tipene has written children's books around two characters called Pipi and Pou. Tipene was adopted into the Waitai-Tipene whanau as a toddler. Tim's immediate family were abusive and violent and his childhood was very tough, but since 1994 Tim has been changing lives through his acclaimed Warrior Kids programme, his award-winning books and talks. 

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