25 Apr 2024

Peter Urlich on writing The Warriors chant

From On the Air - Mā runga iarere, 12:00 pm on 25 April 2024

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Songwriter and Warriors superfan Peter Urlich

Songwriter and Warriors superfan Peter Urlich Photo: supplied

Cofounder of Th' Dudes, musician and league superfan Peter Urlich joins Kara Rickard and Mark Williams live from The Warriors Anzac day game at the Go Media Stadium to discuss why he's never stopped believing in The Wah’s. 

Urlich identifies as a league tragic and admits writing The Warriors chant, Is the best thing he’s ever written. Originally he composed the song exclusively for the players to sing amongst the changing sheds. Two decades later the song has been picked up by fans who perform in stadium unison eagerly when the team wins a game. 

Peter Urlich tells Kara Rickard and Mark Williams, “Anzac day is a very special day and we want to crush our Aussie cousins into the ground”.