16 Mar 2022

NRLW expansion boosts women's rugby league

From Lately, 10:28 pm on 16 March 2022

Rugby league is thought to be a predominantly male sport but you may be surprised to hear that women first began playing in the early 1920's. But it's only recently the women's game has been acknowledged on a professional level. Yesterday there was a huge announcement by the Australian Rugby League Commission to expand the women's game. This year there are six teams in the competition but in 2023 it will grow to eight and the following year there will be ten. The NRLW will also be moving to a salary cap system which will increase players average salaries by 28% and clubs will be given the ability to contract up to two key players as full-time employees. Mary Konstantopoulos is a sports commentator and founder of the popular sports media outlet 'Ladies Who League'.

Tyler Reid on the attack for the Warriors

Tyler Reid on the attack for the Warriors Photo: Photosport