9 Feb 2022

To fridge or not to fridge

From Lately, 10:30 pm on 9 February 2022

Where is the best place to keep eggs, tomatoes and bread?

It depends on how quickly you get through them but generally, the answer is 'cupboard, cupboard, freezer' says nutritionist Claire Turnbull.


Photo: Morgane Perraud / Unsplash


Eggs are best kept out of the sunlight or in a cool cupboard, rather than the fridge, Turnbull says.

"If you're going to eat them quickly, the best place is on the bench. But if you are a person who goes a dozen eggs over a period of weeks, in hot weather, they are better in the fridge."


It depends on whether your bread contains preservatives, but in the New Zealand summer, the best place for bread is the freezer.

Kept in the fridge, sliced supermarket loaves tend to develop moisture bubbles and go mouldy.


Storage at room temperature is best for the texture of tomatoes, Turnbull says.

If you're buying them ripe, keeping them in the fridge is okay for a day or two but you will compromise their texture.

She buys them almost green and lets them ripen over the week.


For maximum freshness, coffee beans and pre-ground coffee can be frozen in vacuum bags or sealed containers, says NZ coffee expert Sam Low.

Never defrost your coffee beans, though - they'll go mushy. Grind and brew the beans while they're frozen.

Nuts and seeds

These are super high in fat and go rancid if they're left out too long, Turnbull says.

They're fine in the pantry for a week but if it takes you a month to get through a pack, they're better stored in the fridge or freezer.

Ground-nut blends such as LSA should definitely be stored in the fridge or freezer. Otherwise, they'll start to not only taste bad but lose nutritional value, Turnbull says.


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