9 Nov 2021

Book Guardians heartbroken by National Library book disposal

From Lately, 10:31 pm on 9 November 2021

Last week Paula Browning, Chief Executive of Copyright Licensing New Zealand joined us to discuss the National Library's highly contentious decision to dispose of up to 600,000 books. The books have been collected for more than one hundred years and include rare and first edition books. They form part of a collection called "the Overseas Published Collection" and Paula told us the Library had entered into a contract with an American company Internet Archive who will digitise two-thirds of these books. A group of authors have banded together to form Book Guardians Aotearoa who are protesting about the Library's actions in Wellington on Thursday night at St Peter's Church in Willis Street. The group includes Dame Fiona Kidman, Bill Direen who organised the protest and journalist and writer Chris Bourke, who speaks with Karyn to share his heartbreak and concern over the matter.