7 Nov 2019

Nga Maia Midwives Aotearoa respond to Oranga Tamariki's review

From Lately, 10:20 pm on 7 November 2019

Oranga Tamariki has apologised for how it handled trying to uplift a six-day-old baby from his mother in the Hawke's Bay in May.

It was a highly publicised case and Oranga Tamariki's CEO says its review has found staff made a raft of poor decisions and failed to communicate properly with the family.

Back in June, Jean Te Huia  from Nga Maia Midwives Aotearoa was with the mother at the centre of Oranga Tamarki's ttempts to remove her newborn baby in a maternity ward - was on Lately.

Tonight Jean speaks with Karyn again about Oranga Tamariki's review.

Nga Maia Midwives Aotearoa CEO Jean Te Huia

Nga Maia Midwives Aotearoa CEO Jean Te Huia Photo: supplied