19 Aug 2019

Support Children with Parents in Prison

From Lately, 10:20 pm on 19 August 2019

The Government has launched Hokai Rangi to reduce the proportion of Maori in jail from more than 50 percent to 16 percent in proportion to the Maori population. Over the next 5 years the strategy will include inmates having more phone calls and visits with their families, as well as kaupapa Maori programmes and therapies provided at every prison. Pillars works with the children and families of a parent who has gone to prison. It's CEO, Verna McFelin, speaks with Karyn about founding Pillars 31 years ago when she saw the impact on her own children when their father went to prison, and how contact between prisoners and their families can bring positive change.

Pillars Founder and CEO, Verna McFelin

Pillars Founder and CEO, Verna McFelin Photo: supplied