20 Jul 2018

Lately with Karyn Hay for 20 July

From Lately, 10:16 pm on 20 July 2018

Tonight on the show: end of another week... and an Oklahoma youth football referee has created a facebook page called Offside where he offers 100 dollars US for videos to be sent in of people abusing the ref in order to shame the rising tide of unruly parents and spectators at youth sports events in the US.. This is really taking off: In a moment we'll talk to KEN WALLACE REFEREE DEVELOPMENT MANAGER NZ FOOTBALL and see if it's an issue here... Burberry the upmarket British fashion label has apparently mbeen burning millions of dollars worth of clothes to prevent them being stolen or sold cheaply. and we'll play a bit of music on Kiwi Rules with the trombone player from Fat Freddy's Drop, Joe Lindsay... they've got a new single out today called 'Trickle Down'