6 Jun 2018

Lately with Karyn Hay for Wednesday 6 June

From Lately, 10:17 pm on 6 June 2018

we'll be talking with scientist and inventor, Sir Ray Avery, who wants to have 2000 of his LifePod incubators funded to help save the lives of a million babies... and he's going to get the ball rolling with a Live Aid style gig at Eden Park. ... An open letter was delivered to Climate Change Minister, James Shaw, this morning by representatives from WWF NZ and Generation Zero, and signed by more than 200 businesses, leaders and community groups, supporting the zero-carbon 2050 initiative... but what does that mean exactly for us on the ground. Greenpeace Climate Campaigner, Amanda Laarson, joins us to talk us through it... ... And you may remember on the show a while ago young explorer Hollie Woodhouse who was about to head off to cross the Greeland ice cap on skis ... well, she's back and we'll find out how it went...