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10:20 Russia Ukraine clash thought to be imminent
The standoff between Russia and Ukraine has the world's press surmising that without a successful diplomatic intervention an invasion by Russia into Ukraine could occur within the next 24 hours.   Karyn Hay talks to our CNN correspondent Conor Powell.

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Photo: AFP / Russian Defence Ministry

10:30 Expect new political movement:  anti-mandate protester

Police have warned protesters camped outside Parliament that they're running out of time to move their vehicles to safe parking under the Sky City Stadium.  Tow truck companies say they've received threatening phone calls, which began Wednesday night, from local people supporting the protest groups and others from as far away as Canada.  One company said the Canadian callers threatened to block their phone lines and prevent them from doing any of their usual work if they were seen towing vehicles from the protest area.  Another company said they wouldn't be getting involved for fear of reprisals.
Many Lately listeners have asked to hear from someone in the crowd. Shaun Linehan is a protester who's been spending his days delivering donated food to the groups and protesting with them against the mandates. Politically, Shaun describes himself as a liberal with sympathy for the far-right.  

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Photo: RNZ / Angus Dreaver

10:55 Lately Music
ARTIST:Camp Cope    
TITLE:Running with the Hurricane   

Album out in March