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10:20 Cash rate stays the same, interest rate begins to rise

The Reserve Bank has held the official cash rate at a record low 0.25 percent but it's halted its bond buying programme saying the economy is robust on the back of a strong construction sector, investment, and household spending despite inflation spikes. Brad Olsen from Infometrics breaks it down with Karyn Hay.


10:30 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and the Covid-19 vaccine

Last night Lately received a number of questions from listeners asking about the Covid-19 vaccine as they are experiencing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. To answer their questions tonight Karyn speaks with Dr Ros Vallings who is a leading authority on chronic fatigue syndrome in New Zealand.

Leading authority on CFS/ME Dr Ros Vallings

Leading authority on CFS/ME Dr Ros Vallings Photo: Supplied

10:45 Midweek Mediawatch: Colin Peacock

Mediawatch’s weekly catch-up with Lately. Colin Peacock talks to Karyn Hay about the Forever War in Afghanistan;  football not coming home; UFC = unedifying footage of calamity; a political pronunciation fail - and: is This Is Us a 'Hollywood' horror?