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Photo: RNZ

10:20 Westpac considers selling its New Zealand business

Australia's Westpac Banking Corporation has confirmed it's considering the potential sale of its New Zealand business. In an update to the stock exchange, the parent bank says it's looking at whether a sale would be in the best interests of its shareholders. Karyn speaks with the CEO of Business NZ, Kirk Hope, about the news.

Business NZ CEO Kirk Hope

Business NZ CEO Kirk Hope Photo: RNZ/ Dan Cook

10:30 St John's teaches school children how to spot someone having a stroke

Tens of thousands of primary school children are going to learn how to recognise stroke symptoms and be able to act quickly through the "St John in Schools" programme. Jacci Tatnell is St John's head of community education and she joins Karyn to explain the programme.

Stroke in MRI

Stroke in MRI Photo: Wiki commons

10:40 Midweek Mediawatch: mean streets, mean tunes

In Karyn's weekly catch up with the Mediawatch team, Colin Peacock talks about reports of increasing aggro and menace on the streets of the capital. Also, doubling down on political polls, and RNZ stalwart slapped down for straying out of his lane.

Mediawatch presenter Colin Peacock

Photo: RNZ / Dom Thomas