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10.18  New Zealand's tourism industry calls for immediate action to build back better  

Responding to the Tourism Minister's vision for the future at a gathering in Queenstown today, Tourism Industry Aotearoa says it's ready for the challenge of working with the Government. Karyn Hay speaks with Tourism Industry Aotearoa's CEO, Chris Roberts.

Tourism Industry Aotearoa, chief executive, Chris Roberts

Tourism Industry Aotearoa, chief executive, Chris Roberts Photo: SUPPLIED - TIA

10:23  New figures show shocking carbon emissions from bottom trawling

Fishing boats that trawl the ocean floor, release as much carbon dioxide as the entire aviation industry, according to a groundbreaking study.  Bottom trawling, a widespread practice in which heavy nets are dragged along the seabed, pumps out 1 gigaton of carbon every year, says the study, written by 26 marine biologists, climate experts and economists. Professor Mark Costello is an internationally acclaimed marine biologist who was until recently based at University of Auckland. Karyn speaks to him tonight at Nord University in Norway.

Fishing nets for trawling.

Fishing nets for trawling. Photo: photo 123RF

10:35 Kiwi Rules: MC Tali

Our fortnightly Friday night feature Kiwi Rules where a New Zealand artist plays it forward for other Kiwi artists, Tonight Karyn catches up with MC Tali who plays it forward for Reb Fountain and Fletcher Mills.

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