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Photo: RNZ

10:20  Botany Kmart workers and shoppers self-isolate and get Covid tests  

More than 12-hundred shoppers who visited Botany's Kmart in South Auckland last Friday and Saturday at the same time as a positive Covid 19 case was working there. Today Botany Kmart was forced to close early only one day after reopening following a deep clean.  Susana speaks with the secretary for retail from First Union, Tali Williams, about the impact on workers at the retail front line.

A sign on the door of Kmart Botany notifies customers the store is closed for cleaning due to a Covid-19 case.

Photo: RNZ / Amy Williams

10:30 IHC welcomes new rights for people with life-shortening conditions to retire early  

Today the Government announced the next steps for people with life-shortening congenital conditions to be able to gain early access to their KiwiSaver. People with four congenital conditions - Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, Huntington's disease and fetal alcohol spectrum disorder - will now be automatically entitled to withdraw from their Kiwisaver fund earlier than the age of 65. Susana speaks with the IHC's Director of Advocacy, Trish Grant about this policy change.

IHC advocacy director Trish Grant and Kiwisaver lobbyist Tim Fairhall.

IHC advocacy director Trish Grant and Kiwisaver lobbyist Tim Fairhall. Photo: Ruth Hill

10:45 The Rest is History: Cassius Clay takes on Sonny Liston 

Fifty-seven years ago tonight, a crowd of more than eight thousand people gathered at the Convention Hall arena in Miami Beach for what was to become one of the greatest sporting events of the twentieth century.  They were there to watch a 22 year old nicknamed the 'Louisville Lip' take on the world heavyweight boxing champ Sonny Liston. Cassius Clay won and took many by surprise. Susana speaks with Lightning Mike Angove about that historical day. 

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