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10:20 Covid-19 and today's community response

More answers to the questions surrounding the mystery case of Covid-19 in the community that was announced yesterday. Karyn takes us through today's announcements and decisions that have lead to New Zealand staying at Alert Level One.

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10:30 The country exhales as weekend events proceed with caution

There was a huge sigh of relief this afternoon as the country stayed at Alert Level One. In Auckland a number of events are able to go ahead this weekend. There are the major events like the Discover Auckland Travel Expo featuring the Diwali Festival, the Chocolate and Coffee Show, the City of Auckland Rally: Battle of Jack's Ridge, Dumplings on Dominion, the Women's Rugby Triple Header, Big Boys Toys and the Aotearoa Music Awards, and there are smaller community events too. Karyn speaks with EcoMatters CEO, Damon Birchfield, about how they've been preparing for their annual market day.

EcoMatters CEO Damon Birchfield

EcoMatters CEO Damon Birchfield Photo: supplied

10:45 Kiwi Rules - Dick Move interviewed

Time for Kiwi Rules now where we ask a New Zealand band or artist to play it forward and choose a song of their liking, and we play a track from them as well. Tonight it's the turn of Auckland's Dick Move and it's a conference call with vocalist Lucy Suttor and guitarist Justin Lee.

Dick Move

Dick Move Photo: supplied