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10:20 Real Estate Institute questions LVR for first home buyers

The Reserve Bank is looking at re-instating loan-to-value ratio restrictions or LVRs from March next year. Karyn speaks with the Real Estate Institute's chief executive Bindi Norwell about the impact of this change on first home buyers.

What's the clever move to make with your mortgage?

What's the clever move to make with your mortgage? Photo: fantasista/123RF

10:30 Law change stops marketing and advertising vaping to young people

From today it's now illegal to market or sell vapes to under 18-year-olds and advertising and sponsorship fo vaping products is banned altogether as is vaping in legislated smoke-free areas. The Cancer Society's manager for advocacy and well being, Shayne Nahu, speaks with Karyn about these changes and how New Zealand is tracking to be smoke-free by 2025.

Vaping flavored e-liquid from an electronic cigarette in a car

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10:45 Midweek Mediawatch with Hayden Donnell

In our weekly midweek media exploration, Hayden Donnell from the Mediawatch team looks at an array of media coverage of the US election results before honing in on a very locally focused documentary about the Mataura Paper Mill in Southland and whether or not local journalism can be done by song.

Former paper mill, Mataura, Southland

Photo: RNZ / Rebekah Parsons-King