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Photo: RNZ Andrew Robertson

10:20 Melbourne tightens its lockdown level 4 restrictions  

While New Zealand's Health Minister is warning disinformation is threatening to block the path to New Zealand returning to alert level one, Victoria's Premier Daniel Andrews has toughened stage four coronavirus restrictions for metropolitan Melbourne.

An overnight curfew has been introduced and mask wearing remains compulsory.

Karyn speaks with Melbourne based New Zealander Craig Cherry about the world's longest running level 4 lockdown that began on August 2nd.

A courier collects swabs taken at a drive-through testing clinic in Melbourne

A courier collects swabs taken at a drive-through testing clinic in Melbourne Photo: AFP

10:30 Maori Wardens wanted in Wellington

Responding to the surge in alcohol-fueled crime in Wellington, the recruitment of Maori wardens is being ramped up to increase their patrols.

Karyn speaks with Suzanne Tamaki, who recently became a Maori Warden, about their service that began 160 years ago.

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10:45 The rest is history: the first flight over the Tasman Sea 

This Friday is the anniversary of the first ever successful flight across the Tasman Sea. On the 11th of September 1928 Australian pilots Charles Kingsford Smith and Charles Ulm made the journey in a Fokker tri-motor aircraft celled the Southern Cross. They covered 2670 km in 14 hours 25 minutes, an amazing feat for the time. 

Peter Hewson is a pilot and aviation enthusiast in Christchurch - he speaks with Karyn about building his own working replica of the Southern Cross plane. 

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Photo: (Alexander Turnbull Library, PAColl-0813-03)