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Photo: RNZ

10:20  Class action gears up against Southern Response

Three thousand claimants, who allege state-owned Southern Response misled customers by withholding the true cost of rebuilding their quake damaged Christchurch homes, are continuing to prepare their class action.

Yesterday, the Court of Appeal upheld an earlier ruling that found Southern Response was guilty of misleading and deceptive behaviour when it short-changed a Christchurch couple tens of thousands of dollars.

Karyn speaks with Grant Cameron, the lawyer leading the class action against Southern Response.

Grant Cameron

Grant Cameron Photo: RNZ / Conan Young

10:45 The Spirit of the 60s: the photography of Michael Cooper 

A new exhibition in Wairarapa is looking at 1960s fashion and culture through the lens of fashion photographer Michael Cooper.

Masterton bookstore owner and publisher, David Hedley, was an editor and co-publisher of a book about Cooper titled Blinds & Shutters. He's also behind the exhibition Spirit of the 60s: the photography of Michael Cooper which opens at Aratoi gallery this Saturday.

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Photo: Aratoi Masterton