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10:30 What is genomic testing? 

There's been a lot of discussion in Government announcements this week about the role of genomic testing in tracing this new outbreak of community transmission. But what is genomic testing, and how can it help? 

Dr David Welch is a senior lecturer at the Auckland University's school of computer science, and he joins Karyn to explain. 

6198722 17.03.2020 An employee of the laboratory of the gene and cell technology prepares a specimen at Kazan Federal University in Kazan, Russia. Staff members of the university began developing a vaccine against coronavirus based on published data on the structure of the virus genome.

Photo: AFP

10:45 Kiwi Rules: Wax Chattels 

It's time for our fortnightly segment Kiwi Rules where we get a New Zealand musician to pick one of their favourite artists right now. Tonight's guest is Amanda Cheng from Auckland band Wax Chattels, whose new album 'Clot' comes out next month. She's picking new kiwi duo King Sweetie! 

Still from Wax Chattels 'No Ties'

Still from Wax Chattels 'No Ties' Photo: Supplied