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10:20 New Zealand closes its borders from midnight  

From 11.59 tonight New Zealand's border will be closed to everyone except citizens and permanent residents.

The Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, said the "extraordinary move" must be done to protect New Zealand from people arriving from countries experiencing major outbreaks of Covid-19.

A "small number of exemptions" for people from the Pacific islands would apply, and Karyn speaks with Dominic Godfrey from RNZ Pacific about the impact of this change on our Pacific neighbours.

Jacinda Ardern address the media after meeting local tourism leaders and address fears of Covid 19

Photo: RNZ / Simon Rogers

10:30 Countdown rations some products to stop panic-buying

With panic buying because of Covid-19 happening here in New Zealand as well as around the world, Countdown has this afternoon introduced limits on some items.

The supermarket chain says it is selling triple the amount of some goods that it would normally sell in a week, and can't get some items onto shelves quickly enough if people keep buying at the current rate.

Karyn speaks with Countdown's General Manager for Health and Safety, Kiri Hannafin.

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10:45 The Rest Is History: Honey bees arrive in Aotearoa

Tonight for The Rest Is History we're looking at the arrival of the first honey bees in New Zealand - 181 years ago today, in 1839.

Bee fan Robert Kelly is abuzz about this fascinating cottage industry as he takes Karyn through its early years with the arrival of Methodist missionaries.

Sketch of bee storage chamber, c. 1840s (William Charles Cotton, My bee book, 1842)

Sketch of bee storage chamber, c. 1840s (William Charles Cotton, My bee book, 1842) Photo: NZ History