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Photo: RNZ

10.20 Environmental groups urge the New Zealand government to crack down on industries harming the marine environment

The latest snapshot of the state of our oceans paints - yet again - a bleak picture of what's happening beneath the waves.

The Environment Ministry's second marine report shows the human activity on the land and at sea - such as coastal development and seabed trawling - is devastating marine habitats, with pests and invasive species taking over.

On top of that, the environment of course, is dealing with the impacts of climate change.

Karyn speaks with Greenpeace Ocean Campaigner, Jessica Desmond, about the problems and the solutions.

Fishing nets for trawling.

Fishing nets for trawling. Photo: photo 123RF

10.30 Missing Australian woman is found after her SOS in the sand was seen on CCTV

An Adelaide woman who was missing in dense bushland for three days "dropped to the ground" with relief when she woke to the sound of emergency services calling her name.

Deborah Pilgrim, 55, disappeared on Sunday morning in Sedan, about 100km northeast of the city, where she had been camping with friends for a 60th birthday party.

South Australia Police Senior Constable Matthew Browne speaks with Karyn about how the search turned into happy ending rescue after a serious of surprising events.

Aerial view of Australia outback

Photo: AFP

10.40 The Rest Is History: Black Tuesday

It's time for our look at the week's news in the past in The Rest Is History! This week our resident history buff Robert Kelly is investigating the share market crash of 1987 on October the 20th, known in New Zealand as "Black Tuesday".

October 20 1987 Wellington Stock Exchange during the crash

October 20 1987 Wellington Stock Exchange during the crash Photo: Alexander Turnbull Library EP198759149a-F