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10:20 NZ's Beverage Council disagrees with banning energy drinks  

Supermarket chain Countdown is confident banning the sale of energy drinks to under 16s will make a difference to teenagers' overall health.

From early September, young people will have their ID checked if they're buying an energy drink.

But New Zealand's Beverage Council disagrees. It's spokesperson Stephen Jones says Countdown's decision is a solution looking for a problem.


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10:30  Ponifasio brings the Pacific to Salzburg's Idomeneo 

The Salzburg Festival has just opened in Austria with the production of Idomeneo directed by the rock star of international opera directing, Peter Sellars, with conductor Teodor Curentzis and soloists including New Zealand's bass Jonathan Lemalu.

Sellars' has invited New Zealand's theatre director Lemi Ponifasio to choreograph, and he speaks with Karyn about how the Pacific features in this 21st century production where Mozart is realised as a climate warrior.

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10:45 I Didn't Know That - Local body elections 

It's time for our occasional Monday series I Didn't Know That where we take a reasonably complex topic and try to make it less confusing. In just two months New Zealand will be going to the polls for the local government elections for 67 councils and all New Zealand's DHBs. 

The Spinoff website has just announced a new venture to try and cover the local body elections all over the country. It's an ambitious project led by Hayden Donnell.  

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