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10:20 Auckland Council to fund share of City Rail Link overspend.

Auckland Council has agreed to fund its share of a billion-dollar budget blow out in the City Rail Link, but has ruled out selling its downtown carparking buildings to do so.  We talk to Auckland Councillor Richard Hills

10:30 Just how biodegradable are those biodegradable bags?

A new study has found that the term biodegradable bags may be innacurate. The study carried out at the University of Plymouth found that some so called compostable bags were still able to hold shopping after three years in a natural environment.

Richard Thompson is a professor of marine biology at the University of Plymouth and was one of the authors of the study.

10:45 Policing WeChat Scams in New Zealand

How protected are we when it comes to scammers - and is that protection in place for all New Zealanders? There's a possibility that scams on Chinese social media could be going under-reported as a result of us not having the systems in place to deal with the variety of scammers that roam the web in 2019.

RNZ reporter Chen Liu has been looking at the way WeChat could be being exploited.