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10:20 "Concerns and Contradictions" in the Euthenasia Bill

The Maxim Institute's CEO Alex Penk thinks that the Justice Select Committee's report into the End of Life Choice Bill which was released today highlights a broad range of issues and questions that MPs will need to grapple with as they decide how to vote.

10:30 Islamic State Returnees in Moscow

As many Western countries, including New Zealand, grapple with what to do with former ISIS fighters returning home, we speak to Amie Ferris-Rotman, The Washington Post's Moscow correspondent about Russian efforts to repatriate citizens who sided with the Islamic State.

10:45 Why we should prioritise natives over deer in the management of Molesworth Station

We speak to Debs Martin, Forest & Bird's Regional Manager for the Top of the South Island about her hopes for the management of the iconic Molesworth Station.