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Photo: RNZ

10:20 One Nation Caught seeking NRA Donations

Senior figures in Australia's far right party, One Nation have been caught seeking millions of dollars of political donations from US gun rights group the National Rifle Association in a bid to weaken Australia's gun laws.

10:30 Young female athletes and the Pill - time for a rethink?

Dy Stacy Sims from Waikato University says an exclusive focus on women in sport is imperative because nearly everything that is known about nutritition, training regimes, external motivation and recovery is based on studies that focused on men. Dr Sims will be the keynote speaker at the third Female Athlete Health Symposium - HPSNZ being organized by the University of Waikato in collaboration with High Performance Sport NZ, happening in Auckland in April.

10:45 Whanganui's first street art festival

Whanganui is holding their first ever Street Art Festival, Whanganui Walls, bringing 8 local and international artists to Whanganui to paint 8 large walls over 4 days. The artists come from Netherland, the UK, Michigan, Wellington, Australia and NZ.