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10:20 Matt Blomfield speaks about Defamation Trial.
Matt Blomfield is the businessman who has been suing Cameron Slater for defamation . Today the Human Rights Review Tribunal has found that in a series of Whale Oil blog posts in 2012, Slater held Blomfield up as a figure of contempt and ridicule. Tonight Matt Blomfield talks on the radio for the first time.

10:30 Is Wellington Moving Yet?
A report into Wellington's controversial Inner City Bypass has said that that that "costs may have outweighed benefits". We talk to campaigner - and now Wellington City Councillior, Iona Pannett.

10:45 'Picasso would be Envious'
'A Supported Life' is a charity-based residential care facility for adults with learning disabilities. This week they join artist Anna Crichton on Auckland Waterfront's Wynyard Quarter in an arts project designed to show the  different ways we visually interpreting the world.