3 Jun 2024

Emily Perkins with things to perk you up this public holiday

From King's Birthday Morning with Paddy, 10:06 am on 3 June 2024
Author Emily Perkins

Photo: Ebony Lamb

Wellington writer Emily Perkins is the country's latest literary darling, taking out the top prize at the recent Ockham Awards for her novel Lioness.

Judges described the novel as "an incisive exploration of wealth, power, class, female rage, and the search for authenticity". Today, Emily Perkins joins Paddy with five things to perk us up on a public holiday, and they’re far from highbrow.

Things to perk you up:

Podcasts: 'The Rest is Entertainment' from Goalhanger, Gary Lineker’s production company. It also does 'The Rest is History' and 'The Rest is Politics'.

Pushbacks: Various forms of protesting, people speaking truth to power across different channels.

Books: Novels by Alice McDermott. Emily has just finished reading Absolution and is starting on Child of My Heart.

Movies: Tennis film 'Challengers' starring Zendaya and 'Showing Up' starring Michelle Williams.

Television: Reality TV, have been enjoying the survival series, 'Alone'.

Track: 'Tell Me Something Good' by Chaka Khan & Rufus