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Programme 12 in a series of 13

Steve Garden began teaching himself the drums at the age of 13, but during his years of touring, recording and doing studio session work, his interest in the studio itself and how music was put together, grew.  He began collecting the equipment needed to record, and seeing a gap in the scene for 'art music' started the Rattle Record music label with a couple of like-minded friends in 1990. Rattle has just celebrated it's 21st year with a compilation album called 'Born Into This" and has recently set up the Rattle Jazz series.

Music Details:

Samsom, Nacey, Haines: Bad Lamb
Composer: Samsom / Nacey / Haines
Album: Oxide
(Rattle Jazz)

Marilyn Crispell / Richard Nunns / Jeff Henderson: Paper Sand
Composer: Crispell / Nunns / Henderson
From the album: This Appearing World

The FSH Trio: Ironing
Composer: Field
From the album: Irony
(Rattle Jazz)

Colin Hemmingsen & Dave Lisik: Cupertino
Composer: Lisik (Improvisations by Hemmingsen)
From the album: Fate And The Processor

Al Campbell / John Rae / Paul Dyne: There Won’t
Composer: Paul Dyne
From the album: Campbell / Rae / Dyne: Storm in a Teacup
(Rattle Jazz)

Amy Rempel: Christoph Waltz
Composer: Lisik
Album: Chatter
(Rattle Jazz)


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Born Into This: The Music of Rattle (compilation CD celebrating 21 years)