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Programme 13 in a series of 13 [FINAL]

This week: Musicians from NZ and Australia, plus a tribute to New Zealand guitarist Martin Winch who died earlier this year.

Music Details:

Matt Penman: Hot Yoga
Composer: Penman
From the album: Catch of the Day (2007)
(Fresh Sound)

The Amy Rempel Trio: Laguna Blue
Composer: Rempel / Lisik
From the album: Chatter (2011)

Dave Lisik: Dinner At Phil’s
Composer: Lisik
From the album: Bono In The Temple (2011)

The Jazzgroove Mothership Orchestra feat. Kristin Berardi: Ode To Oli
Composer: Berardi
From the album: Kristin Berardi Meets The Jazzgroove Mothership Orchestra (2011)

Bill Reichenbach & Rodger Fox (feat. Martin Winch): Song For Claudio
Composer: Winch
From the album: Something Juicy
(Circular Records)


Martin Winch  
Matt Penman 
Amy Rempel  
Dave Lisik  
The Jazzgroove Mothership Orchestra  
Kristin Berardi