15 Oct 2016

Introducing: Setentia

From Introducing, 2:40 pm on 15 October 2016

Setentia Photo: Courtesy of Setentia

Name of project: Setentia
Real names: Jasper Russell-Dennis, Maxwell Gravelle, Cameron Thomson, Jag Singh, Adam King, Hugo Gravelle
Age: 7 years
Hometown: Auckland
Associated Acts: Slavedriver  
Formative musical experience: 
Jasper - 
Maxwell - 
My formative musical experience is from self taught guitar playing. I was dissatisfied watching bands so I made one. I wanted to make something different. My family is musical and my father used to play in Penknife Glides during the 80s. He was what sweet talked the idea of putting a band together. My older brother played guitar and I wanted to play too and never put the guitar down since. 
Cameron - I have been playing gat for 12 years.
Jag - Been playing guitar since the age of 11 and since then have played in various bands and numerous shows around NZ. Studied Audio Engineering in order to self produce my own bands.
Adam - 
Hugo - 
Been a drummer since the age of 16, always been interested In music, with each day comes another to improve and change my drumming stylistically.
Musical guilty pleasure:
Jasper - 
Maxwell - 
Listening to records that I know are terrible and forcing myself to listen to them so that I can say I have listened to them.
Cameron -  RPG game music
Jag - 50 Cent
Adam - 
Hugo - 
I don't have a guilty pleasure unless you count living music​

Music Details

Artist: Setentia
Song: Darkness Transcend
Composer: Setentia 
Album: Darkness Transcend
Label: Blood Music

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