3 Oct 2015

Introducing: Avoid!Avoid

From Introducing, 4:05 pm on 3 October 2015
Avoid! Avoid

Avoid! Avoid Photo: Courtesy of Avoid! Avoid

Avoid! Avoid with their song 'Achieved, Not Achieved'.

Name: Avoid! Avoid
Age: 2 years
Hometown: Auckland
Associated Acts: The Subliminals, The Hasselhoff Experiment, White Swan Black Swan. 
Sounds like: droning, textural, sculptural, experimental,psychedelic, krauty music for science fiction films.

Formative Musical Experience:
Sonya: When I was 5 my parents sent me for piano lessons with my father's old piano teacher, Mrs Johnston. She had a snow white short pony tail tied on the TOP of her head, it stuck straight up like a little spouting fountain and I was fascinated by it.  She had a big garden with hundreds of flowering plants. It was a difficult journey from her front gate to the front door due to the large numbers of bees, who all got their buzz on together and bombed my head when I tried to pass. I was often late and she would tell me off. Sometimes I wouldn't go inside the gate at all, instead I'd just stand at the front gate for 30 minutes until my Father arrived to pick me up again. Today I still have an unreasonable fear of bees.

Brendan: I sang in a band once, when I was drunk. They were a surf instrumental band from Christchurch. No-one asked me to sing, it just happened. No-one asked me to stop so I kept going. I stood behind the drummer at the back of the "stage". I think, from memory, the audience seemed a bit intimidated by what was coming out of my mouth but it was one of those explicitly violent moments where you just can't bear to look away even though you're scared. I saw them at a party a couple of years later in Arch Hill. One of them said to me "oh you're the guy that ruined our gig". I laughed uncomfortably because inside I thought it was funny.

Music Details

Artist: Avoid!Avoid
Songs: Achieved, Not Achieved
Composer: Avoid!Avoid
Album: Achieved, Not Achieved Single
Label: Avoid!Avoid


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