4 Nov 2016

The Day In Parliament for 4 November 2016 - morning edition

From In Parliament, 5:45 am on 4 November 2016

Parliament's adjourned until 2pm on Tuesday when it will resume with Question Time before tackling government bills as outlined in the Thursday business statement from the Leader of the House, Gerry Brownlee, who confirms that next Wednesday will be a members' day. Two members' bills that won't be going anywhere except into the bin were knocked off the order paper by amendments to the Government's Statutes Amendment Bill, one of four measures debated in extra time on Thursday morning. From National backbenchers, Nuk Korako and Matt Doocey, the two bills attracted widespread ridicule when they were drawn from the members' bill ballot in August. One enabled airports to extend advertising for their sales of lost luggage outside the newspaper public notices columns and the other removed the need for companies to notify shareholders in writing when publishing annual reports. Legislation designed to ratify the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement passes second reading - and is also the subject of Opposition questions to the trade minister.