10 Apr 2016

The Week In Parliament for 10 April 2016

From In Parliament, 7:30 am on 10 April 2016

Government rejects allegations that New Zealand is a tax haven, the subject of many questions from Opposition parties. Their requests for an urgent debate on the allegations is rejected by the Speaker, David Carter, who also declines a Greens request for a snap debate on the government's proposal to sell 45% of Kiwibank's shares to ACC and the Super Fund. Co-incidentally, a member's bill preventing privatisation of Kiwibank without support of 75% MPs or after a national referendum is reported back ready for its second reading. A member's bill exempting RSA's from having to get a special licence to sell alcohol on Anzac Day mornings is put through all its stages. A private bill enabling the transfer of assets, property, interests, powers, and obligations from the Associated Churches of Christ Church Extension and Property Trust Board to the Christian Churches New Zealand Property Trust Board is given a third and final reading. A special housing project in Auckland runs into opposition in the committee rooms while former National and ACT Party leader, Don Brash, is blunt in his criticisms of the government's RMA reforms. Winston Peters is ejected twice from the debating chamber.