20 Mar 2016

The Week In Parliament for 20 March 2016

From In Parliament, 7:30 am on 20 March 2016

Maori Party joins National and Act to defeat a member's bill clarifying the purpose of the Environmental Protection Agency. Privileges Committee reports on complaints that Labour leader, Andrew Little, and his chief whip, Chris Hipkins, alleged that the Speaker was biased towards the government. The committee recommended that Labour's expressions of regret be accepted. Question Times dominated by the plight of dairy farmers following a further decline in milk prices. In a submission to the Foreign Affairs, Defence & Trade Committee, Economist George Barker calls a government-commissioned analysis of the TPPA flawed & embarrassing; Another submission on the TPPA comes from the Smokefree Coalition's Dr Prudence Stone, who warns against potential tobacco industry litigation; Government Administration Committee continues hearing submissions on the Sue Moroney's Parental Leave (Six Months' Paid Leave) Amendment Bill.